Created by Janne Kivilahti, Jerome Hugues / Piste Gamez, 2007 | Soundtrack and sound effects by Mikko Tarmia
Additional testing by Antti Suuronen and Oskari Raunio
www.pistegamez.net | Elf Destruction's home page
Game's Goal
It is Christmas Eve, and an army of cursed snowmen has stolen Ed the Elf's gifts. Help Ed to get his gifts back, so he can deliver them on time. Otherwise he will lose his Christmas bonus at Santa Delivery Co.

Ed isn't as defendless as he first seems to be. Armed with deadly rubber boots he can kick snowman's butt in close range, and when he gets his hands on some snowballs, enemies lurking beyond the range of his foot are no longer in safe. But beware, the snowmen are armed with snowballs as well, so keep an close eye on them, and don't get them too close where they can see you.

If your healh drops to zero or you fall into a pit, you will have to restart from the beginning of the level
. But don't worry, you will lose only the gifts you collected in that level, and you can try as many times as you want. 

You're efforts are valued at the end of the game on based how many gifts you collected, how much heath you got and how many snowballs you have left.

System Requirements
Windows XP
DirectX 9
1.2 MHz CPU (recommended)
20 MB of hard disk space
Game Screen
In top left corner: Number of snowballs in stock, number of collected gifts, and health displayed as cookies
Action Keyboard Xbox 360 Controller
Run left / right Arrow keys Left / Right
Jump Z A
Kick X X
Throw snowball C Y
Quit game ESC -
Item What it does
Gift Collect as many as you can.
Cookie Restores health. And tastes good too.
Snowballs Adds 6 snowballs to your arsenal. Use them well.

Please note, that Elf Destruction was build as a small demonstration showing what you can be done using the upcoming Piste Editor, so the game is not very long. But we hope it gives you some challenge and fun moments. Enjoy!

Additional credits:

Aftershock Debris font used in the game is made by  ShyWedge ( http://welcome.to/ShyFonts)
Blackout Serif font used in the title by Kemie Guaida (http://www.pixilate.com/)