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Elf Sports Elf Destruction v1.0 (2008)

NOTE: The game has display problems with some new graphics cards (game characters turn black). It also crashes under Windows Vista with most computers.
credits Downloads
Janne Kivilahti (Design, Graphics & SFX)
Jerome Hugues (Programming & Design)
Mikko Tarmia (Music & most of the SFX)
disk Installer (16 MB)
disk Installer Mirror (16 MB)
About the game Screenshots
Those cursed snowmen! They have stolen Ed the Elf's gifts. Armed with snowballs and black rubber boots, Ed must now bring back as many gifts as possible.

Elf Destruction is a jump & run game. It's a small tech demo that presents some of the capabilities of the upcoming Piste Editor, which is used to build Pekka Kana 3.
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Game is for 1 player
 Smash snowmen with snowballs and kicks
5 different enemies
15-30 minutes of game play
Support for Xbox 360 game pad
Soundtrack by Mikko Tarmia
Windows XP
DirectX 9
1 GHz or faster processor (recommended)
20 MB hard disk space
30 MB system memory
 Mikko Tarmia
Elf Destruction Forum Thread
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